Cordillera Huayhuash

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This is one of the best trekking programmes that can be carried out in the Peruvian Andes. The Cordillera Huayhuash is a relatively unknown Cordillera, located in one of the most remote and beautiful regions of the Andean Cordillera. It is considered to be one of the most spectacular mountain treks in the world. The route around the impressive “Cordillera Huayhuash” (30 km long) rewards us with the most splendid landscapes on earth. We will find beautiful Andean grasslands surrounded by challenging mountains that reach heights of more than 6,000m, beautiful lakes where the mountains are reflected and narrow valleys that confirm the steep relief of the Peruvian Andes; so nature gives us the beautiful view in a small mountain range of seven of the highest peaks of the Peruvian Andes.

It requires 14 days of walking through remote crossing 9 passes of between 4,650 m and 5,000 m. For most of the circuit we walk and camp at altitudes in excess of 4,000m. (Night stops indicated below may vary).

It is not a difficult route, but the heights, the distance and the length demand certain experience, good physical condition and an appropriate acclimatisation to the altitude. This trek allow us a technically simple ascension of Diablo mudo 5,350 m (silent devil) snow peak in just one day.

Before the trek begins we have the possibility to acclimatize well in Huaraz and through the Cordillera Blanca, enjoying the landscape, the nature and the mountains splendid views.

14 days and 13 nights of unforgettable adventures in the Cordillera Huayhuash


Day 01: Huaraz (3,100 m) – Cuartelhuaín (4,100m) Bus 6h

From Huaraz we go by road towards the south where the Cordillera Blanca snow peaks are seen from Pachacoto (35Km.). We head east across a wild puna area, we visit the Puya de Raimondi. The Huayhuash range, containing in a single cluster seven of the highest and most dramatic summits in Peru, reveals itself on our descent to the small town of Chiquian. Camp in Cuartelhuaín (4,100m) near the Randoy valley, from where the first views of the Cordillera Huayhuash summits are appreciated.

Day 02: Cuartelhuaín – Mitucocha (4,200 m) 6h

From Cuartelhuaín we begin the circular eleven day walk around the Cordillera Huayhuash. Here we contact our mountain personnel; guides, cooks, muleteers, etc. to begin the walk. Once the donkeys have been loaded up we begin the ascent to cross the first pass, Cacananpunta (4,700m), where the mountains fill the landscape; then we descend a wide and grassy valley, access to the beautiful Mitucocha lake (4,200 m), where we set up our camp at the lake shore. We make an afternoon walk alongside the moraine towards Ninancocha lake (4,400m) to the foot of Jirishanca and Rondoy. Return to camp.

Day 03: Mitucocha – Carhuacocha (4,100 m) 6h

Today we begin the walk ascending the Mitucocha valley to Punta Carhuac (4,650m) with an excellent view of Siula and Yerupaja. We descend then towards the beautiful Carhuacocha lake to set up camp in an excellent, borad grassy area, next to the lake shore. We spend 2 nights here with splendid vistas of Siula, Yerupaja and Jirishancas.

Day 04: Carhuacocha (4,100 m)

This day can be a free day to rest from the trekking and to make an excellent side trip to the beautiful turquoise lake Siula (4,300m) and Quesillococha lake (4,500m) at the base of Siula’s (6,35 m) impressive face. Return to our camp in Carhuacocha.

Day 05: Carhuacocha – Huayhuash (4,350 m) 6h

We begin the walk following the course of the river downstream until the base of the Queropalca valley and then turning southwards we begin to ascend towards Carnicero pass (4,600m) with excellent mountains views: Yerupaja (6,634m) one of the highest of all the Peruvian Andes, Silula (6,344m), the impressive mountain that made Joe Simpson famous after their dramatic ascent and even more dramatic descent, related in the story of his book “Touching the Void”. We have excellent views of the peaks of Carnicero and Trapecio. We descend towards the small town of Huayhuash to set up camp (4,350 m.)

Day 06: Huayhuash – Viconga (4,500 m) 5h

Today the trek approaches the south end of the Cordillera Huayhuash, We ascend to the Huayhuah pass (4,700m) and are rewarded with views of the Cordillera of Raura and towards the opposite side, Trapecio. Descending towards the south we arrive at Viconga lake (4,500m) to camp nearby, then we will walk to Putcka thermal springs to enjoy a good, hot bath. Return to camp.

Day 07: Viconga – Huanacpatay (4,300 m) 8h

This is the sixth day of walking and it will be a long day, the aim will be to cross the Cuyoc pass (5,000m) the highest point of the walk from where we get a splendid Cordillera Huayhuash panorama. We descend towards the Huanacpatay valley, surrounded by big Andean peaks, to our camp (4,200m)

Day 08: Huanacpatay – San Antonio (4,900m) 4h / San Antonio – Valle Calinca (4,300 m) 3h

Today we head into a remote and little-visited corner of the cordillera. Leaving camp, we take a rarely-trodden route up a spur abutting Cerro San Antonio, until we gain the ridge-top (4,900m). Here we are treated to awesome views of the south faces of Yerupaja, Siula Grande, Sarapo and Rasac, as well as the west faces of Jurau and Carnicero. We descend the far side to the upper end of the Quebrada Calinca and our camp for two nights (4,300m). Our donkeys take a longer, more straightforward route to tonight’s camp, descending the Quebrada Huanacpatay, then turning up the Calinca valley.

Day 09: Calinca – Quebrada Sarapococha – Lake Sarapococha

Today is free for rest or exploration. We plan to head up the stunning Quebrada Sarapococha and enjoy some wonderful views. The area we’ll explore was made famous by Joe Simpson in his epic adventure book, Touching the Void. The Sarapococha valley was the scene of his dramatic retreat from the west face of Mount Siula Grande. This famous fluted ice wall is one of several fantastic views that can be appreciated in close-up from the valley.

Day 10: Calinca – Huatiac (4,300m) 7h

Today’s is quite a long day’s walk. We follow the Quebrada Calinca downstream and drop below 4,000 metres for the first time since trek day one. Passing below a 200-metre high waterfall, we follow the temperate Quebrada Huayllapa to the tiny village of Huayllapa (3,500m). We resume with an ascent of the Tapush valley to our camp at Huatia (4,300m).

Day 11: Huatiac – Gashpapampa (4,400 m) 4h

We continue ascending toward the Tapush pass (4,800m) descending then towards Susococha lake to our Gashpapampa camp (4,400m) in a pleasant environment where we have an impressive view of Suerococha y Diablo mudo (silent devil).

Day 12: Gashpapampa – Jahuacocha (4,050 m)

Depending on the climatic conditions and the group there are 2 route alternatives:

Route 1:  Gashpapampa – Yaucha – Jahuacocha (4,050 m) 5h
Direct route via the Yaucha pass (4,800m) with magnificent views of Yerupaja, Rasac and others, then we descend to the beautiful Jahuacocha lake, where we will set up camp near the lake (4,050m). We spend 2 nights at Jahuacocha lake, impressive mountains towering above us: Yerupaja, Rasac, Hirishanca, and Rondoy.

Route 2: Gashpapampa – silent Devil – Jahuacocha (4,050 m) 12h
The ascent is of Suerococha (silent devil) 5,300 m. Climbing experience is not required, because it doesn’t present any technical difficulty, but it is necessary to use equipment such as crampons, harness, ice-axe, rope, boots for snow and sun-glasses. The descent via the Huacrish valley also finishes at Jahuacocha lake, at our camp on the shore.

Day 13: Jahuacocha – Cuartelhuaín (4,100 m) 6h

This is the last day of walking, we ascend the Sambunya pass (4,700m) where we say goodbye to the Cordillera Huayhuash with an impressive mountain view. Then we descend toward our final camp in Cuartelhuaín (4,100m).

Day 14: Cuartelhuaín – Huaraz (3,100 m) Bus 6h

Today we take our vehicle back to Huaraz.

This is a description of the approximate trek itinerary around the Cordillera Huayhuash. Progress around the circuit will depend on several factors like the weather, physical condition and acclimatization of participants, amongst other factors, so that the camping places and schedules can be altered to suit.

Included in the Trip

  • Transportation to the beginning or the ending of the trek to Huaraz
  • Full Accommodation during the trek
  • Tent for two, dining room-kitchen tent
  • Trek guide, cook, muleteers, donkeys
  • First-aid kit
  • Oxygen
  • Communication equipment

No included in the Trip


  • Entrance ticket to the Huascarán National Park: US$ 20.00
  • Personal equipment: Sleeping bag, warm clothes, etc
  • Meals for the days not included in the trek
  • Anything that was not specified


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Cordillera Huayhuash

This is one of the best trekking programmes that can be carried out in the Peruv


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