Alpamayo Trek 9D/8N

9 Days 4 Stars
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This trek in the Cordillera Blanca allows us to see the most fascinating mountain landscapes and this route has a special charm because “Alpamayo” is nearby, the most beautiful mountain in the world. From Jancarurish we can see its perfect pyramidal form.

This, without doubt, is the most complete and beautiful trek in the Cordillera Blanca. It involves 9 days of walking with one day rest day in one of the most fascinating areas. Along the route we cross 7 passes of heights between 4,400 m and 4,850 m, with splendid views of the great Cordillera Blanca peaks. The route is simple but due to the long distance and altitude, it demands certain trekking and camping experience, good acclimatization and a good level of physical fitness.

The trek begins in the small town of Hualcapampa continues towards the Cullicocha lake following the Cedros valley. We continue along the Alpamayo valley until Jancarurish, then head for Willca. We continue towards the Jancapampa valley, where we take a rest day and continue through the Alto Pucaraju pass. Then we descend through the Huaripampa valley to Vaqueria to take a vehicle to ascend to Portachuelo de Llanganuco. Return to Huaraz.


Day 01: Huaraz – Hualcayan (3,140 m) BUS 5h

Leaving Huaraz we head north through the Callejon de Huaylas, to Caraz city (2,300m) 1½h. We stop briefly then continue to ascend towards the Cordillera Blanca making our first camp in Hualcayan (3,140m), 3h, where we make contact with our mountain personnel: guides, cooks, muleteers, etc., etc.

Day 02: Hualcayan – Huishcash (4,200 m) 5h

This first day of walking, having loaded up the donkeys, begins with a steep and tiring climb to our camp in Huishcash (4,200m). The climb may be tough but the views are ample reward, as we grow closer to the mountains.

Day 03: Huishcash – Osoruri (4,100 m) 6h

We continue ascending toward the Collicocha lake (4,625m) to reach the Cullicocha pass (4,850m), then the Osoruri pass (4,750m) then we descend to our Osoruri camp (4,100m) in Los Cedros valley. Today we have splendid views of the Cordillera Negra and the Pilanco (5,480m), Milluacocha (5,480m) snow peaks.

Day 04: Ruinapampa – Jancarurish (4,250 m) 7h

We ascend Los Cedros valley to reach Alpamayo. We set up camp near the beautiful lake of Jancarurish (4,250m) from where we have an impressive view of the impeccable pyramidal form of Alpamayo (5,947 m).

Day 05: Jancarurish – Willca (4,200 m) 6h

We begin to ascend leaving the most beautiful mountain in the world and other peaks behind (Jancarurish (5,578m) and Tayapampa (5,675 m)), and reach the Caracara pass (4,830m) from where the Alpamayo is seen (5,947m), as is Quitaraju (6,040m) and Santa Cruz (5,830m). We continue to the Mesopampa pass (4,500m) from where Pucahircas (5,640m) is also seen, then we descend by the Safuna valley to our camp at Willca (4,200m).

Day 06: Willca – Jancapampa (4,200 m) 6h

We ascend toward the Willca pass (4,600m) with splendid views of Pucahirca and the beautiful Jancapampa valley. We descend toward Jancapampa (4,200m) to set up our camp here, where we spend two nights.

Day 07: Jancapampa – Huecrococha (4,200 m) 6h

From Jancapampa we begin the next day of the trek ascending toward the Tupatupa pass (4,400m) then continuing towards Huecrococha lake where we set up camp. This place is named Quisuar (4,200m).

Day 08: Huecrococha – Tuctubamba (4,200 m) 5h

We continue the trek to reach the Alto de Pucaraju pass (4,650m) with splendid mountains and landscape views: Taulliraju (5,830m), Pariah (5,600m), Chacraraju (6,112m), Pyramid (5,885m), Rinrihirca (5,810m), Huascarán (6,768m), Chopicalqui (6,345m), Quitaraju (6,040m) and others. From Alto de Pucaraju we descend a steep zigzag path towards our camp at Tuctubamba in the Huaripampa valley (4,200m).

Day 09: Huaripampa – Vaqueria (3,700m) 3h / Vaqueria – Huaraz (3,100 m) 5h

This last day of the trek we continue descending to the small Andean town of Colcabamba (3,350m) 1h then we ascend towards Vaqueria (3,700m) 2h to take a vehicle to ascend towards Portachuelo de LLanganuco (4,765m) 2h. From here we have splendid views of Huascarán Norte (6,768 m) Huascarán Sur (6,650m), Chopicalqui (6,354m), Huandoy (6,395 m), and Pisco (5,752m.) Finally we descend towards the Llanganuco valley and on to Huaraz.

This is a general description of the Alpamayo trek. The progress of the trek will depend on several factors like the climate, the participants’ physical condition, and adaptation to the altitude; so that camping places and schedules will be altered as suits.

The detailed program includes a day that can be used for rest, or to make day walks. We have also the option to use this day for other eventualities without altering the main itinerary of the trek.

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