Chiclayo is the capital of the department of Lambayeque; also called the “Capital of Friendship”. It is located 13 km from the Pacific Ocean, is a modern city of great commercial activity. Constructions of the republican time like its municipal palace and the cathedral designed by Gustave Eiffel. Its witch market and its exquisite gastronomy stand out. It has a modern hotel infrastructure and good restaurants and nightlife centers.

Archaeological Sites of Chiclayo

Hundreds of archeological sites are located in the valleys of Zaña, Lambayeque, La Leche and Motupe, an area where pre-Inca cultures such as Lambayeque or Sicán, Mochica and Chimú developed until the arrival of the Incas.

In the last 20 years, in these valleys, the most fabulous archaeological discoveries have been made such as the Lord of Sipán in Huaca Rajada, the Lord of Sicán in the area of Batán Grande – Bosque de Pómac, the pyramids of Túcume that have become the most important in all America and have astonished the world, and the recent discoveries in Huaca Chotuna de La Dama de Chornancap and El Señor de Úcupe. All this is currently in the process of investigation and with new and permanent findings. In these 3 great zones gold and silver jewelry, ceramics and other pre-Columbian works of art of incalculable value have been found that have been transferred to the main museums of the zone.

The Moche Route

The tourist circuit that includes places and cities between Chiclayo and Trujillo designed to visit the main archaeological sites of the Mochica or Moche culture, the traditions of these towns that have lasted through time as its gastronomy, folkloric festivals and handicrafts, as well as beaches and places for bird watching.

Around Chiclayo

Picturesque bucolic towns of rich ancestral history such as Lambayeque, Zaña, Ferreñafe, Monsefú and Eten the 2nd Eucharistic city of the world, in addition to its craft centers, beautiful marine landscapes and fishing coves, spas and beaches, which invite you to go back in time and live the evolution of the Mochica people, especially Pimentel and Santa Rosa with their caballitos de totora.

SipanRoyal Tombs of Sipán Museum

Located in the city of Lambayeque, inaugurated in August 2002. The Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum shows the fabulous collection of the archaeological finds of the Mochica culture found in Huaca Rajada, in an exceptional exhibition that combines maximum scientific precision and security. The emblems and ornaments found since 1987 by Dr. Walter Alba in the tomb of the Mochica ruler called the Lord of Sipán stand out.

Sicán National Museum

Located in the city of Ferreñafe, inaugurated in May 2000. Center of investigation, protection and diffusion of the fabulous archaeological findings corresponding to the Sican or Lambayeque culture (750 – 1150 AD). Exhibition of pieces of the Sican Culture and pieces of the magnificent Lord of Sican, ceramics, metals, jewelry, recreation of his way of life.

Brüning Archaeological Museum

Research center and museum, located in the city of Lambayeque at 17 Km. (10.5 miles) north of Chiclayo and very close to the Royal Tombs Museum. It originated in the collection compiled by Heinrich Brüning since the nineteenth century and houses a rich collection of ceramics, metals, textiles and jewelry from regional pre-Inca cultures.

Natural Protected Areas

There are three large natural protected areas in the department of Lambayeque, highlighting the Historic Sanctuary Pomac Forest for its dry forests and its rich archaeological sites belonging to the Sicán culture. In addition, the Laquipampa Wildlife Refuge for the protection of the white-winged guan and the Chaparrí Reserve, a private conservation area. All very close to the city of Chiclayo and the first 2 more accessible from the city of Ferreñafe. Recommended places for birdwatchers and nature lovers.


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